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Consejo editor: Mariela Benítez, Virginia Mesías y Roxana Rügnitz

Design and layout: Mónica Gancharov

Style correction: Malena Luján

Comunicación y redes: Luciana Gamba


Why a magazine?


The idea of a political-poetic magazine stems from the need to express ourselves in a world where noise dismantles meaning, to generate a space where voices, images, words converge. We are three building a place. We are three amplifying the intention, weaving proposals with the certainty that we have something to say.

And this saying does not seek consensus but to diversify sounds and meanings. Our skin and the skin of others is put into play from urgency, love, anger, passion, doubts, fears, certainties, joys. It is an invitation to feel other skins, to look at ourselves and express what hurts, questions us and goes through. 


We have reached a technological development that expands access to information to install ourselves in a post-truth where noise prevails over ideas. Navigating between uncertainties, trapped in emotions and confusion, in the midst of hegemonic stories, we are staying more alone than ever.


So why a magazine? To connect with others, to listen to what they have to say, to not go through life without taking action. This is how Alterna Skin was born and opens new spaces because silence is no longer an option. We want to travel beyond our own geography because it is essential to break borders. Alternate Skin is a territory of confluence of ideas waiting to be released. 


It happens that we triangulate these reasons and open the door to reach you with the conviction of the encounter.

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